Pottery  By  Lorna  Smith  - Who  Am  I  Now?

For thirty-six years I have sold my work at the Pike Place Market in Seattle which influenced and  shaped my life. The environment of salmon and the ethic of producer meeting the consumer inspired my designs.

Twelve years ago I moved to Port Townsend which is surrounded by mountains, sky and water. My home studio is tucked away in the woods. I am presently taking a year of sabbatical from Seattle and renting a gallery in downtown Port Townsend. I have a potter's wheel in the gallery which continues the theme of my life encouraging a connection between the artist and the public.

I am beginning to branch out in to other themes of sea and amphibian life which I hope to portray in my new work. I grew up drawing and painting in India where rural life was dominant so now I like to use a Chinese calligraphy brush to dance over the tiles. Pottery and farming are similar professions, working with the earth and creating something basic to our needs. The wheel thrown bowls and mugs feel round and light in my hands so I hope that when you hold them, the joy and freedom that my life holds now will express itself to you.