Pottery By Lorna Smith  - Sushi Plates

Sush Plate 4286

Long Sushi Plate with Three Leaping Salmon

Besides being excellent for serving sushi or smoked salmon and appetizers, these plates are sculptural, exciting visually because the salmon have tails that perform as handles for serving.  The top edge is irregular and is reflective of the silhouette of the Olympic mountain range.  The colors symbolize the rushing river which the salmon struggle against while swimming upwards to spawn. The orange/brown on top edge reminds us of the earth which nurtures the tree images on the corner of the plate.  The tree stamp's on the plate corner show the connection between clean water and the salmon run.

This plate is my latest work, the artistic evolution which as given me a palette to express movement and freedom, breaking previous boundaries of even edges.  A plate hanger is included, if desired, because the plates tell a story on the wall as well as on the table.

Styles: Blue with orange top and end
          Green with orange top and end

Size: 17-1/2" from head to tail, 15" from end to end
        7-1/2" wide
        1" deep.

Price: $48